Flor de Hibiscus

Hibiscus flower in her almibar

Presentation:. Tarritos of 11 and 50 units
Once the jars open its cold storage is about 4 months.

Hibiscus flowers in their syrup is an original and tasty product, for the cocktail bar and restaurant.

The flowers come from a family business located in Sydney, Australia. Once collected, they are introduced in sealed jars of 11 or 50 units and then cooked in a water bath with mineral water and sugar cane as unique additions. They are marketed in more than 30 countries.

This species of hibiscus flower, fully edible, has a fruity flavor reminiscent of cherry or raspberry.

In mixology: used to create tasty and very visual mixing cocktails with champagne, champagne or sparkling wine. They unfold its petals slightly inside the glass, causing the outbreak of endless bubbles. It can also be used to create cocktails with non-carbonated beverages, whether alcoholic or not.

In  creative cuisine : for pastries, salads, foie gras, kabobs, stuffed flowers (cream cheese, mousse, ice cream ...)

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