Finger Lime, Caviar de Limón Fresco

The " finger lime " is a variety of citrus (finger lime) originating in the wetlands of Australia..Con sleeve - shaped fruit contains small beads whose appearance resembles caviar.
The juice is contained in the beads. When chewed leave in the mouth flavor lime green with a slight touch of acidity.
After several years of research, the Wild Hibiscus Company reaps the "lemons" fresh keeping them in a vinegar made ​​from apples, made ​​with low acidity to keep the unique flavor of the fruit. An original high pressure process guarantees a minimum of 2 years of shelf life .
Once the bag open, the pods will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 3 months.
Each bag contains between 3 and 4 pods (60grs of net product , 140grs with vinegar).
Each pod is pre - cut into 6 portions. After using the desired amount of beads should replace the sheath cut into his bag, along with vinegar and put it in the refrigerator until the next use.
Easy to handle: Cut a slice, remove the skin from the sheath and remove the beads . APPLICATIONS:Kitchen : You can have some pearls on raw fish, smoked or cooked (salmon, tuna, cod, sea bass ...); on ceviche, sushi .... With seafood: oysters, shrimp ... In salads, pastries ... Cocktails : The Finger Lime is perfect for Gin-Tonic. 1 bag pearls given for a 25/30 Gin-Tonic. PRESENTATION: Bag 3/4 pods precut into 6 portions.

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