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100 Pipers Whisky 700 ml

The 100 Pipers Scotch Whisky intimate place so many of the most important Scottish traditions.

100 Pipers is a unique blend of malt and grain selected from different regions from which the best Scotch Whiskies. Produced by the distillery CHIVAS BROTHERS

100 PIPERS The name comes from an ancient tradition of Scottish armed: his armies were traditionally conducted in the battle for Pipers. Through the sound of their instruments, the goal of these pipers was to enhance the value of their warriors and inspire terror in the hearts of the enemy. In recognition of his bravery, each was entitled to a "dram" (small glass of fine whiskey).

Intense golden nose has a subtle oak fragrance with notes of caramel, nutty and slightly smoky. The palate is complex flavor, harmonious. Medium bodied and smooth.

With notes of caramel, nuts and vanilla. From subtle smoky and lingering finish.

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