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Maker's Mark Whisky 700 ml

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In 1840 the Samuels family began working in the world of whiskey distillery. TW Samuels known as the High Sheriff of Nelson County, built the first commercial distillery of the family that developed the secret family recipe for making whiskey that went back 6 generations.

In 1943 Bill Samuels set out to create a new concept of bourbon distillery and TW Samules abandoned and burned the family recipe over 170 years old. In 1951 Bill Samuels created a new recipe based on area corn and malted barley and wheat growing together during the quiet winter. The story tells how the perfect formula gave mixed grain breads experimenting with them performing in the family oven. Marge Samuels, wife of Bill, designed the current bottle of whiskey gave names: like a real collector tin pieces she had always sought the "Brand Manufacturer" (The mark of the maker) and then baptized the whiskey with his Current name. As great collector also Cognac, was inspired by his collection bottles to design the current format. In 1958 the market saw the light of the first bottle of Maker's Mark.
Each individual item is composed of less than 19 barrels, and this small amount means you only get the best that whiskey has to offer.
The production system still in Maker's Mark is continuing using the old-style sour-mash method. The fermentation of each new batch is done using a bit of the previous game. The result is a more consistent product.

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