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Johnnie Walker Whisky IN 12 years 700 ml

In 1820, when Johnnie Walker established his business at Kilmarnock in the west of Scotland, malt whiskeys and grain were bottled separately, and there was almost no market outside Scotland. During the rest of the century Scotch achieved international fame. The basis of this revolution was the art of Mezla (blending) that Johnnie Walker was one of the pioneers.

Red Label
Many Blenders (mixers) make the mistake of thinking that to produce a brand of Scotch whiskey that is popular internationally, they need to create a blend with little flavor. Nothing can be further from the truth as Johnnie Walker Red Label has demonstrated. It is the world's most popular whiskey, but has a strength of character, and roundness of flavor that distinguishes among the other brands.

When Johnnie Walker began his business in 1820, it did greatly respect malt whiskeys with powerful flavors. He favored robust Islay malts (pr: iela) and the Canary, which added depth and vigor to his blends. His grandson, Alexander Walker, inherited his grandfather's skills for mixing as well as their taste preferences. When developed the Johnnie Walker Red Label blend, made sure that although it was softer and lighter than many of his contemporaries, retain the authentic flavor of traditional whiskey.

This occurred in the last decade of the eleventh centuryX. Red Label twenty years later became the first truly global brand, making sales in 120 countries worldwide. Also caught in Great Btretaña devoted fans.

King George V was another amirador Johnnie Walker whiskey to the point that gave the company a Royal Award in 1933, and Johnnie Walker has been the official supplier to the Royal Family until today.

Red Label whiskeys have continued to win awards recognizing their excellence, consigió lately Gold medals and the Great Gold in the selection of 'Le Monde', one of the most respected in the beverage industry. In 1996 he won the gold medal in the category of 'Whiskies Blends' at the International Wine and Spirits.

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