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Glenfiddich Whisky 12 Years 700ml

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Malted barley and pure soft water of Dhu Robie spring, near the hills of Conval.
Data processing:
First, our distillery uses only the best quality barley and harvested following our own guidelines. Once mature undergoes two days to soak in deposits denominated 'steeps' and allowed to germinate.
After four or five days, the starch is converted to sugar and you get a green malt is dried in the oven to finally be delivered to the distillery as malted barley.
Two essential ingredients in the traditional preparation of Malta Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky are barley malt and pure soft water. Both meet in the living maceration 'mashing' where the malted barley is ground to give a coarse flour species known as 'grist', which is mixed with hot water pure Robbie Dhu spring, near the hills of Conval, in large boilers called 'mash tuns'. Here, a knife mill the mixture slowly rises and sieved to ensure good drainage of the sugar. In the 'mash tuns' get that steam bubbles rise like clouds of pleasant aroma bitter.
Hot water terminates the conversion of starch to sugar which is dissolved in water and shows six hours after a sweet liquid called "wort".
It is a must that is drained, cooled and ready for fermentation.
The 'draff' or barley left over from the process is sold to farmers as livestock feed.
After cooling the wort, yeast is added while being pumped in large wooden vats called 'washbacks' where it is fermented.
The 'washbacks' Glenfiddich are handmade with Douglas fir from Oregon (in most distilleries are stainless steel). This ancient method of production is maintained in order to avoid compromising the taste of whiskey. The 'washbacks' measured about 5 feet high, but its filling never exceeds 4 meters of liquid.
As the fermentation temperature rises from 19 ° C to 33 ° C, the resulting carbon dioxide foam creates a mass of hot wort meter fills up to the top left of the 'washback'. A mechanical beaters are used to not follow up.
After 64 hours of fermentation, the foam body loses vigor and gives way to a brown liquid 8-9% alcohol-free graduationa, like a strong beer, and we call 'wash'.
The distillation process starts distilling the 'wash' in discontinuous copper stills 'pot stills' that Glenfiddich still made of the same shape and size as that William Grant bought a century ago.
The stills are still heated by direct heating mechanism, ie flame applied directly to the base of the still.
The 'wash' or fermented liquid is gradually heated in the interior of the still until the alcohol is converted into steam. This vapor rises through the narrow neck of the still and is guided down through a cooled condenser and cools it. Thus, the condensate is converted into a liquid intermediate known as 'low wine'. These 'low wines', which have nearly 21% alcohol, go to the still of spirits or 'spirit still' version of the alembic 'wash' for a second distillation.
As in the first distillation, condenses vaporized alcohol and dripping down to the impressive and shiny 'spirit safe', metal and glass container which is controlled by the expert hands of alambiquero.
Only the finest distilled or 'heart' is retained to fill the barrels which will occurripening. With great skill, alambiquero make these cuts by tapping fast thus resulting in the embryo of a new Glenfiddich.
The new spirits is reduced almost by 63% with natural spring water from the Robbie Dhu and is then poured into oak casks, handcrafted.
Glenfiddich only works with the best wood barrels as sherry casks used for aging or American bourbon and only once have been filled. The use of oak barrels 'second hand', aged for prior use, infuse the whiskey a unique character, as well as allow you to breathe, soften, soak up other flavors subtly and spread of a golden hue shy.
Tasting Notes:
GLENFIDDICH taractivo 12 Years has a gold color.
GLENFIDDICH 12 Years on the nose is fresh and elegant, appearing white fruit notes of pear and soft wood notes.
GLENFIDDICH 12 Years in the mouth, characterized by the persistence of the sweet notes on the nose we noticed that become drier, but persisting white fruit along with notes of wood and even minerals.
The finish is longand persistent.
The bottle of Glenfiddich is stylized and green.
Originally comes in a metallic cardboard tube for better protection of the sun.

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