Barrica Puro Malta

The aging in our cellars for Granada Bewitched Whisky is made in barrels of 600 liters.
However this is malted barrel of only 4 liters so that the contact surface is much higher and aging will be more emphasized.
The small barrel is made of pure malt American oak for internationally renowned Cooper Cordovan in Montilla envinada which gives different shades bottling.

Tasting notes:
Color: Depends on your appearance is obtaining ripening color.
Odor: Wood and vanilla.
Taste: Floral notes along with notes chamomile type of wine montillano.

For proper aging this drink premium, it is recommended that the barrel is not exposed to high temperatures, you will not get direct sunlight and not in excessive moisture.

Alcohol Degree: 40 °
Volume: 4 l

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