Vodka 1895

Source: Malaga (Spain)
Size: 700 ml.
Alcohol: 40 º
First it was the brandy, then gin. And now, the range of drinks 'premium' 1895 has increased its family with the launch of a new vodka.
What characterizes this new product is the use of a whole-wheat grain and quality, selected for this purpose only. "We did not want to have gone through another industry like beer, as is sometimes done." It has also carried out a five distillates, which has been made vodka "as thin and neutral as possible," said Ruiz, manager of the winery.
With these premises under his arm, the manager of the company went to Madrid a few months in order to meet with a group of professionals and experts and let them try the new drink and thus pass the ultimate test. "They told me that in his opinion it was one of the best vodkas in the world. I could not believe it, "he says.
But not only the method of manufacture and raw materials have been taken care of detail. Also the image has received vital importance in the process of creation. "We wanted the bottle could be seen from far and identify with the brand 1895, yet be distinguished from that of gin."

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