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King Peter Vodka 6L

474,90 €

Luxurious presentation, crystal, shiny, soft on the nose with rye flavor with a pleasant sensations such, creamy on the palate and has a soft and clean.
Born of a craft production, where industry with high quality materials:
King Peter The Great Vodka is made from 100% Dankowskie golden rye that can only be grown in the plains of Poland, which is distilled five times which is the optimal number of distillations to achieve its unique taste.
The mixture of pure distilled water and passed through a particulate filter and activated carbon others, integrating an effective blend of tradition and technology.
Presentation edgy, innovative packaging consisting of a bottle invites us to travel to the time of the czars, which through its shield we see the image of Peter The Great "Founder of St. Petersburg" and of which date back many studies of the first appearances of what is now known as vodka.

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