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Crystal Head Vodka Aurora 700 ml

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Crystal Head vodka Aurora, the bottle is inspired by one of the most beautiful in the world atmospheric phenomena Aurora Borealis, an exhibition of natural light with its beauty and mysterious visual properties.

This new edition is the use of a different to offer a drier and spicy vodka grain, while remaining true to the style of Crystal Head.

The bottle has an iridescent finish, this serves to give the illusion where the light varies according to the angle from which a clear homage to the Aurora Borealis is observed.

Crafted with the purest ingredients, it is a vodka that is made with English wheat and pure water of Newfoundland, distilled five times and filtered seven times, three of which are made through layers of diamond Herkimer, to give the distinctive touch finish.

Crystal Head is a crystalline, soft to taste vodka. Ideal to take one with ice.

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