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Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

255,00 €

Format:700 ml.
100% Pure Blue Agave. Packaged in artistic ceramic decanters, handcrafted by Mexican communities.
Due to its special softness is made to be enjoyed alone, creating a sublime experience for the senses.
Its main attributes ... A drink of exceptional sweetness and softness worthy of one of the world's best at ease.

Agave:organic matured for over 9 years.
Cooking:slow cooking of the agave hearts artisan ovens for 72 hours.
Fermentation: Yeast induced specifically developed for Clase Azul.
Distillation:distillation careful craftsmanship that ensures maximum refinement and purity.
Water:deep well, filtered in a special five-stage process.
Filtration: A special triple filtration process of the final product to ensure maximum softness.
Maturation:8 months maturation in fine oak barrels personally selected by the Master Distiller.
Liquor:presented in molded decanters fine decorated and numbered by hand by Mexican artisan communities.

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