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Special Pampero Ron Añejo 700 ml

Ron Pampero, the first called stale, celebrates 70 years on the market. Pampero's story began in 1938 when visionaries were able to discover in the reeds and native Venezuelan land, fertile grass to start their work, giving rise to the House Pampero rum created the first hand Venezuelan Alejandro Hernandez and Luis Manuel del Toro.

Pampero was born in an old house in Quinta Crespo in Caracas, founded in May 1938. The beginnings were hard, however, with the passage of time the operations were bearing fruit and the year 1950, products of House Pampero began to develop in the Hacienda La Guadalupe, in Valles del Tuy, where now is its production plant.

In the process used craft, with its oak barrels formula specially treated to ensure the exchange of odors and flavors between the wood and rum, and even the latest technology, which results in a taste that delights bouquet tasters.

At present the company has a presence in 30 countries, including the United States, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Australia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Greece, achieving good results in the market and simpor rated the best in the world.

The product range of this company is extensive, beginning with Pampero Oro, presented in a stylized rounded bottle label, balanced flavor rum with bouquet and golden color.

1938 selection also offers a blend of woodsy flavor and full-bodied, created by Luis Figueroa, the Pampero rum master commemorating the foundation of the house.

And also a premium product: Anniversary, Pampero icon and emblem, awarded Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition 2007 it received for its organoleptic characteristics, quality and tradition.

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