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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

A combination of vanilla, cinnamon and hints of lime, make Sailor Jerry rum, as the work of the man who inspired his name speaks for itself.
Sailor Jerry is much more than a rum, it's a lifestyle.
Its flavor leaves the palate of those marked prove, as the tattoos that made Norman Sailor Jerry Collins left a mark on the skin. It is inspired by the sailors of the 50s that not only adorned their bodies with tattoos but change their drinks to make them unique. They incorporated rum spices to sweeten and to maintain quality while they were at sea.
Sailor Jerry is defined by the values ​​and attitudes of the man he is: a creative genius, passionate, a versatile man who enjoyed life no matter what the rest think. All this made him a real person, whose work has remained intact over time.
Format: 700 ml
Alcohol: 40 º

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