Ron Santa Teresa Selecto 700 ml

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The Ron Santa Teresa is a company incorporated and domiciled in Venezuela since 23 September 1955 and is responsible for the manufacture, export and marketing of distilled spirits, especially rum.
Originally from the Far East, sugarcane came to Venezuela with the Spanish conquest, coming from what is now the Dominican Republic, who used it to sweeten your food and make guarapos fermented rum predecessors.
By the late sixteenth century cane was grown in the valleys of Aragua, in the north-central Venezuela, and in 1796 the Count of Tovar and White founded the Hacienda Santa Teresa devoted exclusively to this crop.
In 1885 Julius Gustav Vollmer Ribas German descent, bought the Hacienda Santa Teresa and start adapatarla to produce on a larger scale after acquiring a copper still in Europe. In 1909 it registered the mark Ron Santa Teresa, the third trademark in that country, the modernization of the estate continued with the acquisition of machinery, plant, equipment and land until in 1955 it created the Santa Teresa Rum Company Limited , chaired by Don Victor Rivas.
For 1,955 at the time of opening of the CA Ron Santa Teresa is presented to the market with three products, Red Letter, Carta Blanca and Popular, but the resounding success of the company would see 1,958 from the launch of Gran Reserva product emblem of Santa Teresa.
Between 1,965 and 1,968 have other products, first Gold Card then Senator Senator Silver and Gold in 1969 and then sold 1,974 Colonial Superior, one of the most recognized brand, although the latter for its low price and popularly known as "Bottom".
In 1983 launched a product for the mass affluent segment, the Ron Selecto Extra Añejo, which positioned itself in the premium segment. The success of the company in that segment did in 1986 was launched another product for this category, the Select Bicentennial.
At the beginning of the nineties the Venezuelan political and economic crisis, coupled with the expansion in the Venezuelan market of imported alcohol-free products, mainly whiskey do you start a new phase in the company and in 1996 launched Super Premium Rum Santa Teresa 1796, then in 1997 with the intention to diversify the market produce rum and orange liqueurRhum called Orange. In the middle of 2000 decide to replace FreeCell by Teresa White and a year later sold Arakú rum liqueur and coffee. In 2002 Bodega Privada launch another product, despite all these attempts, your product Gran Reserva is displaced by Ron Cacique.
Its main competitors in the Venezuelan market are Cacique, Pampero and diplomat. From 2005 began the process of internationalization of the brand.

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