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Ron Matusalem Solera 7 Years 700 ml

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Now reproduce the press release sent from winery on this subject were, and some notes on the history and philosophy of the brand.
• Made by hand according to the Solera method, this new ultra-premium distilled owes its uniqueness to the mix of different aged rums
• True to the style of Cuban rum, is soft and vibrant with a clear role of wood

Newest What may be the oldest?Undoubtedly. Far from being a contradiction in any rule or an assault on logic, Ron Matusalem Solera 23 confirms this reality. Newest but prepared according to tradition and Cuban essence, has become the most coveted object of desire. It is pure sophistication that appeals to hipsters palates. So is reserved only for the few, for those who truly perceive their unique and special character.

This ultra-premium rum is the result of mixing unique and traditional method known as Solera aging, initially developed for the production of sherry wine and brandy. The method employs a unique combination of different varieties of aged rums, whose average age is reflected at No. Solera and making it possible to gather the best features of rums that compose it.

Wood, star of Ron
Is that particularcombination that allows the distillate acquires own uniqueness and complexity of the barrel. Hence, having in his hands a glass of this drink is a real feast for the palate, and a 'provocation' that is irresistible.
In view, powerfully call attention to its deep, rich golden tones. On the nose, the decisive conquest presence of wood and soft palate is vibrant at the same time. Multiple shades that make your end a long and rewarding intense soft texture. Delight in its brightness and color, dive into each of its multiple flavors and be captivated by its flavor becomes a great experience that stimulates every sense.

About Matusalem
Its origins date back to 1872 and a scenario like Santiago de Cuba. The two Spanish players were determined to make a rum of the highest quality. Their names, Benjamin and Eduardo Camp, who associated with Evaristo Alvarez combined, curiously, the Caribbean tradition with the method of aging of the wine cellars.
Today as yesterday, endure high levels of demand and quality. And generation after generation, family fiercely guard the formula that has made the best rum in the world, in the softest. They further maintain sun environment, climate and quality of the original sugar cane. And, of course, isjealously respects the true spirit of the old Cuba. While the Castro revolution, the island ceased production Matusalem and moved to the Dominican Republic.

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