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Ron Edmond Dantes 25 years

The brand name, Edmundo Dantes, after the Count of Monte Cristo.

Slightly pale golden color shows attractive, sleek and shiny. Mellow.
The rotund nose, aromatic and very frank. With a delicious vanilla bouquet inviting drink and where not rejected its alcohol content, 40.
The mouth nice, kind, sensitive, elegant, not cloying and a taste that still lingers in taste and neurons.

Bottle of rum, Cuban, for more signs, reputed to be the world's best, the most distinguished.
Ron 25 years of aging, something unique in its kind and probably the last to be developed with these characteristics.
It is absolutely unique, 150 bottles for Spain.
The extraordinary presentation format.
The porcelain bottle is hand decorated with 24 carat gold.
The box that protects it is replaced with a humidor that is also decorated with 24 carat gold. Impeccable.
Luxury and distinction for the lucky few who are able to take any of these wonderful works of art.

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