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Ron Cacique Antique (Mille) 700 ml

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Ron Cacique is a trademark of Venezuelan rum liquor company Diageo. Cacique is distributed in Venezuela, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Italy.

United Liquor In 1959 a company formed by distributors Benedetti, Chumaceiro and Morris E. Curiel with the Canadian Seagram's Company begin to age rum Saruro light at Hacienda Lara State in western Venezuela.

The fundamental difference between the new product and the rest of the rum produced in the Caribbean lay in the maturation of rum, in the first process is done in two years and the rest of the approximate time is six months. The company began to produce its rum with sugar plantations and own mineral water reserves. So in December 1961 the United Liquor Company launches Venezuelan Cacique rum is produced from the distillation stage where you get seven types of rum and then combined create Cacique rum.
The Seagram's Company was the majority shareholder of Licorerias United since 1959, decided to acquire all of the shares of the Venezuelan company in 1992, year in which the economic and political crisis in Venezuela had reached the highest levels and that as a result had reduced consumer consumption capacity.

In addition to the crisis of the time the segment of rums in Venezuela would face competition in the market of imported whiskey and other alcohol-free beverages began to grow in the market, it was decided to seek other sources of income and choose to export the product to Spain and some Latin American countries. That same year in commemoration of the arrival of the Spanish to America launches the Cacique edition 500 years.
In 2001 Seagram Venezuela is acquired by Diageo, going to market all its brands, including Cacique. A year later Cacique becomes the market leader Venezuelan shifting its main competitor Ron Santa Teresa.

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