Ron Barceló Imperial 700 ml

We are pleased to introduce the most luxurious spirit Dominican Republic, RON BARCELÓ IMPERIAL and sophisticated tasting ice and vanilla, Imperial Experience.

There is an exclusive and surprising Dominican Republic. Sophisticated and full of natural secrets. Where the origin and purity of nature seep into every corner colonial.

Barceló Premium Rum summarizes the wonders of amber, semi-precious stone Dominican, not only in color and naturally Dominican origin, but by their values ​​and upper class Premium Dominican silky for your palate.

So, amber becomes Dominican quality seal associated exclusively with Ron Barceló Imperial, by their color, the years required in their training and mime in the development, considering the upper class were Dominican.

Ron Barceló Imperial discovers the Premium rum lovers, the gateway to the universe's secrets colonial Dominican high class: The Imperial Experience, a new way to enjoy a glass of Ron Barcelo Imperial with ice and a sprig of vanilla. The more sophisticated affair between favorite premium rum Dominican elite and vanilla, golden elixir reminiscent of the exclusive jewelry and discover Dominican amber taste, color lively swallow as a symbol of luxury and the Dominican Republic more exclusive.

Ron Barceló Imperial invites you to discover the taste of vanilla amber and this other Dominican Republic.

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