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Papis Loveday Champagne Brut

Champagne Papis Loveday is a faithful expression of the strong personality of the great pillar of the Montagne de Reims.Our vinification without malolactic fermentation allows us to keep all the fruit of our land, dressed with elegance and freshness.

- 80% pinot noir
- 20% Chardonnay
- 30% of reserve wines from 2 previous years.
- 15% vinified in barrels.

• Grand Cru Verzenay, Northern Exposure, land 35 years old moyen.Les Perthois Noues the Livrys the hillside, whites make up the ditches pinot noirs.Chardonnay is grown on the western slope of Mount cow (on top of which is the mill deVerzenay) to the said places and routes the Correttes low Reims.

• Verzy grand cru, on the other side of Mount Regina, overlooked by the lighthouse of Verzenay, in an orientation to the east, one will find the pinot noirs of Vignes-Goisses and Fields of Rome.

• Sillery grand cru, further down the hill, but outcrops of chalk, Pinot Noir Road Robaux come complete set.

Energy, freshness and fruity.

Smell delight us with the feelings of the walls of the fruit.

Palate, the acidity is masked by adding dand body and strength.Amid the mouth it remains fruity, tasting excellent righteousness.It is an aromatic explosion.

Champagne generous, very well supported by its acidity, a drink with no restrictions at all times.

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