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Papis Loveday Champagne Brut Rosé

This champagne was born has been created with the collaboration of the prestigious Champagne Philippe Brugnon and Papis Loveday famous male model. He gave his name to this limited edition champagne.

Papis Loveday Pink Champagne made by blending white and black of Verzenay sober color red and dazzling.

Its aromas are fruity, Granada, apricot, peach and red fruits.

It will delight you with its fruitiness and power of expression.

Pinot Noir red fruit in its trend.

I obtained assembling prepared with red wine in barrels.

The malolactic fermentation is not sought.

- 90% pinot noir
- 10% Chardonnay
- Wines from 25% reserve 2 previous years

• Grand Cru Verzenay, Doctor in Alaska, along the hillside of the land 35 years of average age.The Noues the Livrys the Perthois, whites constitute ditches noirs.Les Pinot Chardonnay are grown on the western slope of Mount cow (on top of which is the deVerzenay mill.) To effect thereon, and low Correttes Voies-de-Reims.

• Verzy grand cru, on the other side of Mount Regina, overlooked by the lighthouse of Verzenay, in an orientation to the east, one will find the pinot noirs of Vignes-Goisses and Fields of Rome.

• Sillery grand cru, belowHill, but outcrops of chalk, Pinot Noir Road Robaux come complete set.

What it is more attractive than a pale pink, crystal, wearing a bright salmon.

Moderate effervescence is still very present in the mouth and is a thick, continuous but fleeting crowns the rope.

Made Lace nose red berries, strawberry, raspberry and cherry.The revision of the branch, while very open still take some time to fully develop.

First impressions of the mouth are unobtrusive tannins and a state of constant alert.The feelings are particularly intense and then reveal the typical characteristics of premiumincoming in the composition ..

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