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Luxury Party (Luc Belaire Rose + Ciroc Red Berry Vodka)

Luc Belaire Rose is handmade with a blend of three grapes Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault - each bring something special to the base wine: Grenache adds body, heat, and hints of blackberry and blackcurrant. Cinsault gives to Luc Belaire Rose a feeling of a cherry blossom aromatic on the nose, and a silky texture. Finally, Syrah is responsible for the beautiful color, roundness and richness of Luc Belaire Rose


It is made from fine French grapes that are cold fermented and distilled five times. Vodka is carefully blended with natural ingredients, a unique balance of fresh wild raspberry and delicious scents of ripe strawberries.
With stunning scent with a hint of berry jam, ripe and juicy taste with flavors of berries with a refreshing and sweet finish.

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