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Malibu coconut flakes

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Malibu has created an innovative international scope Limited Edition, in which the singular surprised Barbados rum with coconut flakes storm inside.
A storm of coconut inside.
This Special Edition of authentic coconut rum from Barbados is unique for having an original coconut flakes storm inside.
Do not you think so?
Just look out to see a swirl of coconut flakes causing a curious view through a window that opens in the center of the bottle. Pure innovation!
A new formula that keeps intact the taste of Malibu, but with little coconut flakes floating inside ...
The Malibu-style long winter!
This winter, ski stations in the entire country will participate in a special way Malibu Winter Edition, to enjoy it in very cold shots with friends, while we discuss the fun days of snow.
Malibu also has developed an interesting range of simples seasonal recipes for the new Malibu Winter Edition, which combines delicious flavors with the unique flavor Malibu, and you can add and glitz and glamor to Christmas.
The aptly named, Malibu Winter White Cocktail, with two parts Malibu Winter Edition, unaparte of whole milk and a dash of Monin syrup pistachio and coconut puree, is a magnificent combination of coconut and walnut flavors softened with whole milk. The Malibu Winter White Cocktail is ideal for delicios0 really impress friends with your sophisticated taste and unique.
About Malibu
No matter where but who ... this is the spirit of the inhabitants of the Island of Barbados, known for his positive attitude towards life, his sense of humor and spontaneity. Only they could create Malibu, the best and finest rum with delicious coconut flavor.

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