The London Gin 700 ml

75,47 €

The London Gin is distilled in London in true traditional style, "of course". It is made in small production under the supervision of a master distiller, which ensures its high quality and legitimate origin. Geneva faithful to the oldest tradition, is still made with English grain spirits the sunny fields of Norfolk and Suffolk, which differentiates it from other gins of poorer quality and mass production, which is molasses based spirits.
Another element that makes The London Gin only is the quality of water that is distilled, which comes from the purest and crystal springs north London, as finest distilleries were back in the eighteenth century.
The London Gin has a triple distillation:
Two base spirits with a final with herbs and spices, which keeps intact all smell and taste nuances.
While standard gins get to have up to five botanical Premium gins from eight to ten o'clock, The London Gin incorporates a total of twelve, each carefully selected, which makes it a gin than the rest, not only in complexity and sophistication, but also in elegance and delicacy.
Its bright aqua blue color, the elegant and harmonious scent; her sensuous way through the palate ... everything that makes The London Gin so different stems from three fundamental pillars:
* The quality of English pure grain alcohol.
* Your painstaking distillation process, which still continues to be done by hand.
* The excellence of no less than twelve carefully selected botanicals.
Graduation: 47%

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