Hendricks gin 700 ml

64,70 €

Hendrick's Gin, the world's most unusual gin, met five years ago in Spain and boasting good health. Hendrick's was the first super premium gin that landed in our country. This was the origin of all, the birth of a new category of gins but even more, the origin of a new form of consumption.
Hendrick's was launched in Spain in July 2004 and is currently distributed in over 60 countries. Since appearing on our country, Hendrick's has been making a major dent in this market where competition is growing every day. It was launched as the world's most unusual gin, a gin differently because they belong to another category but also different from the way of consumption.
Five years later, Hendrick's has revolutionized consumer habits of Gin & Tonic is the only gin that is taken with a cucumber slice or peel. In this sense, the consumption of Gin & Tonic with cucumber has been capitalized by Hendrick's so that, today, is commonly known as the cucumber gin.
But why cucumber? What do respond this apparently capricious whim? The explanation lies in the twist revealing that Hendrick's included at the end of the process of distillation. An infusion of Bulgarian rose petals and cucumbers from Holland that enhance their flavor and makes it a one of a kind gin.
With its 11 different spices, processing 100% handmade, distribution exquisitely unique, because of its super-premium, and a bottle of Victorian Hendrick's Gin is, at this time, a leader in the Spanish market covering 67% of the market Super Premium gin and growing.

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