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Goa London Dry Gin 700 ml

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Expansion of definition:
Goa London Dry Gin. Gin is a luxurious and delicate of 47 ° and one of the very few English gins currently produced in London. The master distiller Goa gets an elegant and pure gin raising it through a careful process five-distilled in small stills controlled. The eight best beans organic ingredients collected from all over the world, come together to create a different gin rediscovering the Premium side of life.

Tasting Notes "Goa London Dry Gin".
Nose: Geneva complex and spicy, high in alcohol and influential memories aromatic coriander and curry from India.
In Boca: grain spirit drinks, soft and harmonious, with warm spicy intensity.
Overall: A distilled gin with its range of flavors stimulates the entire palate.
Alc Vol. 47%.

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