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Geneva Brockman's

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Brockman's British Gin, premium gin is noted for its softness and elegance with its quadruple distillation.
Its creators set out to achieve, with a handcrafted, fresh-tasting gin to break with the traditional perception of the distillate. Among the ten botanical composition found in Bulgaria include coriander, dry skin Valencia oranges and berries such as blueberries and blackberries. It is perfect for making the best gin and tonic or a delicious cocktail.
A sophisticated drink for those who want to enjoy a gin and tonic from an experience like no other. Something that is achieved by including in our cup and a twist of pink grapefruit. One way to raise fresh nuances and delicate Brockmans grapefruit sour note. And the distinction is important: pink, pink grapefruit. Because, far from the sweet notes of yellow grapefruit, this does add a touch bitter that awakens the palate to an authentic experience.

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