Dom Pérignon 2004 (Case Special Edition Jeff Koons)

Dom Pérignon 2004 Case Special Edition Jeff Koons, is a limited edition of the encounter between Dom Perignon and Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koon, after creating the Balloon Venus, has redesigned the bottle and box Dom Pérignon restyled in form and color.

The box Dom Pérignon 2004 has been designed by Jeff Koons, dark color with yellow Venus Balloon and signature of Jeff Koons. The reproduction of the Venus Balloon offers a view of the object 360 degrees. The bottle carries a metallic shield the color of the box.

Dom Pérignon 2004 is characterized by an aroma of almond, cocoa powder and white fruit with notes of dried flowers. The full flavor lingers with maximum elegance with a score of sap, spicy.

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