vinos sin alcoholWe are many wine lovers we like to enjoy the pleasure of sharing a drink with friends or quietly at home. It is well known that experts recommend a glass of wine a day to keep our bodies healthy. For all this, wine has become an indispensable element in our pantry and special occasions.

The alcohol free wines of Luxury Spirits it is treated so that its taste and quality remain the same, being alcoholized just before bottling. His works bring together a delicious flavor and taste them peace of mind without having to worry about taking the car.

Luxury Spirits brings together a variety of alcohol free wines all of high quality and indescribable flavor:

Red wine: flavor with a perfect place to enjoy a pleasant conversation or a quiet time with the family fruity touch.

White wine: sweet wine perfectto accompany occasions where the traditional wine will taste the touch of excellence that everyone will remember.

Pink wine excellent wine keeping all its flavor and produced by the method brut.

Sparkling wine: a perfect wine for every occasion and our guests can enjoy the taste without worrying about anything. Perfect for appetizers and soups.

Thanks to the various possibilities offered Luxury Spirits we can find the right wine to accompany our plate each time.

In addition, the alcohol free wines they are perfect to hold the line as to eliminate all the alcohol in it just before bottling, the taste remains the same but is significantly reduced calorie content. This makes them the perfect range of wine to those who are on a diet or just want to stay healthy and take care of your figure and they also like to enjoy the taste of a fine wine.

If we want to enjoy a typical local flavor and do not want to worry about the calories or having to take the car right after the alcohol free wines of Luxury Spirits they are the ideal accompaniment to the great moments of our daily choice.