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Champagne is the name given to sparkling wines produced in the French region of Champagne. The name "champagne" is protected by law in the European Union and can only be used by wine producers in that region. Sparkling wines produced using the champagne method outside the Champagne region can not even have terms such as "style of champagne" or "method champenoise" on their labels.

The types of grapes used to make champagne are chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. The process of producing champagne is complex and usually involves the blending of wines produced in different years (crops) and by different wineries in the region.

The names given by the French sparkling wines produced outside the Champagne region are crémant (for sparkling wines produced with the champenoise method only) and mousseux (for sparkling wine made with other methods, including the Charmat method).

Since the nineteenth century, the wines of Champagne were served at royal weddings and other large events. In 1889 and again in 1900, the wines of Champagne have added magic in theUniversal Exhibitions in Brussels and Paris. His excellence remains undisputed today, much appreciated as the symbol of exceptional quality: no momentous event is complete if it is not celebrated with Champagne.

The wines of Champagne wines have been chosen to celebrate the best moments of life and special occasions. Worldwide any decisive moment is celebrated with Champagne. Champagne have baptized thousands of ships have been given billions of weddings and special occasions, anywhere in the world, and sharing special moments between two people. The Champagne is the wine of celebration. No other wine is associated with joy and festivity as well as the Champagne. Its meaning and its appeal is universal. The Champagne has exported its techniques worldwide. Sparkling wines are made worldwide, but none reached the excellence of Champagne.

Of special significance is the Champagne in Christmas celebrations, especially in his days marked: Christmas Eve, Christmas and the coming New Year as the best talisman for luck. This year you can not do without your best toast, so you can buy online champagne and enjoy your best Christmas.