• Step 1: If we give the CART button will take you to the details of our car, the products and the total purchase price.

    We can skip this step if you click on the CONFIRM button.

    Both buttons are located to the left of the screen.

  • Step 2: It will block the delivery and billing address if we had not previously filled at the time of checking.

    We have the option to use the same shipping address to the billing. To do this, push in the box next to Use same billing address.

  • Step 3: We will see a screen with carriers and shipping costs associated with our address, we will choose one and click Next.

  • Step 4: We will see a screen with the available payment methods, we will click on one of the following options: Bank transfer, Pay with Credit or Debit Card or Pay with Paypal.


  • Accepted Payment: When you receive an email with the status of In Process means that your order is being processed and ready to be shipped.

  • Shipped: The order has left our warehouse and will be delivered in the time previously agreed.

  • Delivered: When you receive an email or see your order in its history with the Delivered status means your order has arrived at your destination.

  • Waiting Wire Transfer Payment: Your order is being processed and is awaiting payment confirmation once the payment order will be prepared for shipment.


LuxurySpirits.es will be contacted by telephone or via e-mail if stocks depletion of some product.

LuxurySpirits.es may contact the Customer by telephone or any other means to verify personal data.

LuxurySpirits.es reserves the right to disqualify those Customers in a reasonable period or unable to contact when verification does not want to confirm your data.

Also LuxurySpirits.es reserves the right to suspend or disqualify Customers who have entered data that were incomplete and / or incorrect.


Packages are generally dispatched within 24-48 hours after receipt of your payment to Spain, between 48-72 hours to European countries and 5-6 days to other countries.

Fashion is the standard expédition Colissimo tracking and drop-off without signature. If you prefer delivery with required signature, an additional cost will be, for this please contact with us.

Whatever shipping method selected, we will forward as soon as possible, a link that allows you to track the shipment of your package online.

Shipping charges include packaging, handling and shipping. Are fixed and a variable part based on price or weight of your order. Special attention is given to orders containing fragile items.

The packages are large and protected.


To pay, You must follow each and every one of the instructions displayed on the relevant page of the checkout process in www.luxuryspirits.es.

Payment of the product prices and shipping charges may be made by credit or debit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

As electronic payment system, LuxurySpirits has a payment gateway for e-commerce, in which all data provided are hosted on a secure server certified according to the protocol "Secure Socket Layer", so it is encrypted for maximum security thereof. In no case will store the data provided by the Customer through the payment gateway, and only retained while making the purchase and payment is made.