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Ruinart Rose Duo Pack

229,90 €

Maker: Ruinart Cellar
Type of grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
Format: 750 ml, pack 2 bottles
• Vintages manuals
• Alcohol-free fermentation in thermoregulated stainless steel vats
• For red wine, light maceration and extraction
• Malolactic
• Dosage: 9 g / l
Tasting Notes:
The color is a delicate shell pink, with very slightly orange reflections.
The effervescence is lively and light, with a rosary persistent.
The nose is subtle and fresh. It offers an original first palette of exotic fruits (guava, lychee) and small red fruits (raspberry, cherry, wild strawberry). Pink and pomegranate notes complete this complex and intense flavor profile dominated by pure primary aromas.
On the palate, the attack is frank and full, lulled by a gentle effervescence.
The aromas of freshly picked red fruits on the palate are fully expressed.
The balance combines beautiful roundness succulent freshness, which is expressed on a stylish and invigorating peppermint and pink grapefruit.
Skeet Cup:
Ruinart Rosé champagne is a very good harmony, which enjoy throughout the meal, from appetizer to dessert.
Its value will realzado.por notes of iodine and sea barnacle, lobster, seaweed, sushi, tuna, salmon.
With the main course, you can combine well with a leg of lamb or a beef steak made at low temperature. The rice stews or mountain nar will give a contrast of immense beleza. We can not prove it with anchovies.
Fresh cheeses, curds, mozzarelas, burratas, etc.. Better if also combined with red fruits.

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