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Krug Collection 1985 Magnum Wood Box

Maker: Krug Winery
Type of grapes: A varietal, a vintage and historic single vineyard Chardonnay, Clos du Mesnil.
Format: 1.5 l
Alcohol: 12.5%
Serving temperature: 7-8 ° C

Krug Collection represents the last bottles available of a bygone era exceptional, carefully stored in the cellars of Krug. An absolute rarity, is the ultimate expression of the legendary longevity of Krug champagne.
The first fermentation in small oak barrels, which, of course, in favor of a slow, long wine, means that almost eternally Krug Collection remains fresh and alive. While passing through different life cycles, during which the overall balance of changes in taste individual flavors become more intense.

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