Belle Epoque Perrier

A CHAMPAGNE DREAMCuvée Belle Epoque "By & For", The First Champagne tailored.
Pale yellow with green hues.
It's clean, crisp, bright, medium density and a fine perlage, sostenidoAromas delicate fruit like apple, pear, citrus and delicate floral notes. Good intensity, pleasant and balanced acidity, long tenure, marked effervescence that brings freshness.
Champagne made with the traditional method of second fermentation in the bottle, with aged for four years on its lees, to obtain finesse and elegance.
Since dreaming is free (for now) and not have to pay a toll to travel to the wonderful world of illusion, I have dared to put myself in the place of the privileged few who have at their disposal one tailor-made Champagne. By & For Champagne is designed "For" and "To" the mortal who can afford to indulge.
I'd love to be one of the 100 lucky people who will have the privilege to develop their own signature Perrier Cuvée Jouët. Designing my own Blanc de Blancs by the Chef de Cave (Cellar Master) Hervé Deschamps.
The development of my Champagne begins with a trip to the bicentennial Maison Perrier Jouët Belle Epoque in Epernay. Would know the love story between family Perrier (Nicolas Perrier), owners of vineyards for generationsback, and helps the family Jouët (Adele Jouët), traders Normandy.
The result of this perfect union, born Perrier Jouët House. It is still the guest house in the same direction, number 28 Avenue de Champagne, there such illustrious figures as Oscar Wilde were rested.
A walk through the vineyards, installed in so-called "Champs Elysees of Champagne" inspire me in obtaining a palette of flavors that I remember one day I was there.
A stay of two days, covering the history of the family, Champagne, through the corridors of the caves. And the best is yet to come, a meeting with the Chef de Cave Hervé Deschamps. For two days evaluate my tastes, my preferences, I will help you to impregnate me Champagne character forward.
In a Private Room Tasting play with the expedition liqueur added to the Cuvée Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs a 2000 millésime made with Chardonnay.
The bottles will rest in niches until you are ready, between 6 and 12 months.
In the galleries of the Maison, 100 niches await the hundred chests intended for dress 12 Dream Jewels that immortalize twelve exceptional moments in the life of a lucky few.
But who is not willing to dream?


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