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Special Reserve Brandy Casajuana

16,50 €

Aged in oak barrels, after careful selection of holandas from our own vineyards, raised and hand-crafted.

Alcohol:36% Dry Vol
Sensory Tasting:Old gold color, aroma of wood, distillate and vanilla. Soft on the palate, ethereo and tasty.

Founded in 1991 by 14 entrepreneurs Tomelloso, with a tip and cutting edge technology, born to build a new conception of Bodega in La Mancha.
The idea of ​​making a great wine aging cellar in La Mancha, is supplemented with historical recovery of one of the cultural traditions that have been Tomelloso worldwide: the OLD COGNAC CASAJUANA. The foundation of this hearth dating Casajuana 1,892 per family, with its peak in the mid-twentieth century, marketed nationally, has returned to light after standing sills for a period of over 100 years.

Being Tomelloso Holandas cradle of the world's best for the development and brandy and other spirits, and following the traditional method of sills and livestock is normal market there Tomelloso brandy high quality with a centuries-old hearths dating from 1982, and productions libitadas and numbered as CASAJUANA BRANDY.
The aging of this brandy is done in boots American oak 550 liters, which is where the family primitive Casajuana started out wine to extract the spirit, for being ethereal, after distillation for oxidative aging.

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