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Pedro de Valdivia Platinum - Solera Gran Reserva

181,50 €

Type of wine spirit
Manufacturing process: Pots: 600 liter American oak and French capacity 350 liters capacity.
System: Criaderas and Solera.
Aging Time: 20 years

Tasting notes:
Color: Dark mahogany color
Aroma: Noted for its clean, very fine and distinguished aroma, which can be seen in perfect harmony perfumed notes reminiscent of the essence contained in the heart of wine starting, and sweet tones, sensual, raisins, vanilla and nuts own chosen its long aging in oak envinada with old oloroso sherry.
Taste: The taste is soft, delicate, round and balanced with elegant wooden aftertaste, showing great complexity and a persistent finish.
Consumption: Take in crystal snifter fine medium or large. A suitable temperature for consumption can be between 16 ° and 18 ° C. Drinking on a leisurely enjoying their exquisite aroma and flavor. Reserve it for special occasions.
Presentation: Bottles with capacity of 700 ml., Accompanied by luxury box in box of 4 bottles.
Graduation: 40% vol.


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