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Martell VS Fine Cognac 700 ml

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Martell was founded in 1715 in the region of Cognac, so now is the oldest of the four major Cognac houses. The house is distinguished by its special double distillation method, in which the use of a traditional still extract the essence of Eaux-de-Vie. The grapes come from the four growing areas, Borderies, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois.
After distillation, the eaux-de-vie is aged in oak barrels, making it soft, subtle tannins are instilled, which provide a special finesse and complexity, and the amber color and special flavor of Cognac.
In the nose, with soft aromas of dried fruits and grapes and woody notes. In the mouth, this young man has smooth cognac with strong fruit and floral notes that are nicely accented by oak aromas. The finish is long and fruity.

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