La Fontaine de La Pouyade Cognac Grande Champagne Premier Cru 700Ml.

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The House produces only Cognac - at the upper end of the select "niche" of the great cognacs La Fontaine of Pouyade is exclusively based in the heart of the Cognac region, the Grande Champagne, which is legally classified as Premier Cru.

All grapes used in the creation of La Fontaine La Pouyade come exclusively from the limestone hills of the demarcated area of the Grande Champagne - Premier Cru. Where the sun's rays are much more intense.

This small area provides a lower yield per hectare than other Crus but after a longer aging cognacs develop its aromas and flavors, its complexity and length are beyond comparison.

After distillation during the winter months, the Cognac begins the aging process and, in the case of La Fontaine La Pouyade, without reference to the limitations imposed by the normal time.

The wine is aged in old oak, forged from the heartwood of the tree, and is carried out under the constant supervision of the owners and attentive teachers cellar, through a series of generations.

Just a few hundred bottles are available each year for sale worldwide.

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