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Gran Duque de Alba Brandy 700 ml

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The extraordinary features of this Brandy is the result of the careful selection of the raw material with which it is drawn.

Begin selection of fine wines and Airen white palomino, an early distillation and method are crucial to the final quality of the distillates (holandas). The holandas are aged in American oak casks which have previously been soaked in wine with wine Oloroso, following the traditional Solera and Criaderas, entering the system by the 10th criadera and running through these to sill, controlling strictly the volume of bags for Brandy old age remains constant.

Tasting Note: Your dorardos mahogany tones and complexity of their ari omas to "vinous esters" balsamic ample long and we denote its permanence suitable timber. A slightly doomed mouth is soft and full with toast and vanilla notes and a long and pleasant.

Consumption: Great tribute to palate enjoy in the privacy or company, a glass of the old brandy manor. In very fine snifter at room temperature slightly heated in the hollow of his hand in listed desktops.

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