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Brandy Sacristy Garvey - Solera Gran Reserva

Description:Brandy de Jerez Gran Reserva 40 ° of alcohol golden mahogany color.

Origin:Best Holandas prodedentes of the distillation of selected wines are aged for decades in American oak chosen boots.
Breeding:It comes from a small Solera that has never before been marketed, consisting of only 12 boots with production limited to 1,200 numbered bottles per year, with an average age above 50 years.
Aroma:Very complex aromas predominance of old wooden oak tabajo notes, vanilla and cocoa.
Taste:Stresses its extraordinary softness in the palate, well balanced thanks to exceptional old age, is fleshy and full-bodied.
Consumption:Ideal with any desktop. Serve in snifter neat or on ice.


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