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Brandy Renaissance - Solera Gran Reserva

29,25 €

DESCRIPTION:Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva 40 ° of alcohol dark amber.
ORIGIN:A careful selection of alquitara Holandas are aged in American oak barrels by traditional solera system and hatcheries for decades.
FOSTER:The floor is composed of 600 boots 500 L. that were chosen from the best of our Brandy Cellar, implanting the 1,940 Year Solera. Aging average of 25 years.

AROMA:Vinous aromas typical of a very old smelly, rich and deep, notes of vanilla and old oak, very fine and distinguished. Characteristic of a stale Brandy de Jerez.
TASTE:Franco, velvety step very crisp. Full on the palate, smooth and balanced.

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