Alizé Wild Passion 700 ml

18,90 €

Alize Wild Passion Passion Liqueur.
Myriad of aromas on the nose: grapefruit, passion fruit and some grapes.
On the palate the fruit is perceived more mango and exotic fruits.
Alize Wild Passion Passion combines the fantastic Alize VS Cognac with grapefruit juice, mango and passion fruit.
To take just ice, or enjoy cocktails in multidud of. Tropical and refreshing, a cocktail made with Alizé Wild Passion Passion have you hooked. You will never experience anything as sensational as This. You will never experience something as sensational as this. Alizé really goes above and beyond cognac innovation With This truly mouth-watering creation. Alizé really goes beyond innovation cognac with this creation really delicious.
Content: 700 ml
Alcohol: 16% Vol

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