Tautila White Wine Alcohol-free

Format: 750 ml.

Lordship of Tautila Airen White comes from combining the sweetness and aroma of its origin to the density required to make this wine a great companion.It is carefully designed to be alcohol-free just before bottling, preserving their organoleptic and stealing only the alcohol content and calories in this white scented citrus.
Yellow Straw.Scented, frank and good intensity, citrus note.Fresh, aromatic, lively and pleasant varietal end leave bitter.

Grape: Airen.

Alcohol: 0'0% by volume.

Ideal serving temperature: 8 º - 10 º C.

Calories per cup (100 ml): approx. 22.

Tautila Lordship of Tempranillo has been developed through a system known as vacuum distillation at low temperature, the most traditional and less aggressive dealcoholization methods.Using this sophisticated method, aggression is processed without heat or pressure previously fermented wine tank.

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